Be-Entertainment has finalized its first international commission for ‘The Political Assembly’ with RTL in the Netherlands. The Dutch commercial channel secures the rights to broadcast a local series in due course. The commission follows the huge success of ‘The Political Assembly’ (local title: ‘Het Conclaaf’) on VTM in Belgium where it reached a phenomenal average marketshare of 49.6% (18-44, consolidated) in the weeks before the national elections. The reality show with substance also broke records on channel platform ‘VTM GO’, where both the linear episodes, the full duels and the personal confessions were made available. Aside from the strong numbers and generating a huge buzz on social media, the format was highlighted more than 650 times in the national and international press. 


‘The Political Assembly’ challenges the key politicians in the country to convene in a castle together for a full weekend of group debates, one-on-one ‘duels’ and personal confessions. They discuss their political viewpoints and confront each other on opposing opinions and policy. Without the presence of spin doctors, the show gets beyond the political one-liners and watch the politicians show their true colors, both as passionate professionals, but also as real people.


It’s a sign of the times,” says Be-Entertainment MD Gepke Nederlof. “More than 50 nations are holding elections this year. Political unrest is at an all-time high, and there’s never been more at stake for voters. All the more reason to secure the rights to ‘The Political Assembly’ and not miss out on one of Belgium’s most talked about and informative titles ever.


‘The Political Assembly’ is created and produced by Bargoens, led by well-known and renowned  TV-maker Eric Goens.