Tuesday, December 12, 2023


The brand new factual entertainment format by successful Belgian producer Roses are Blue, launched prime time last week on VTM and delivered a strong market share of 40.3% (Live +7) in the target group 18-44. A great start, overperforming the average for the timeslot by +40%.


In ‘Celebrity Farmsitters’, we follow what happens when a farming family takes a well-deserved break and leaves it to our host and a celebrity guest to take over the farm for the weekend. What farmers all over the world have in common is that it’s not easy for them to take a vacation and leave their farms behind. This new format, distributed by Be-Entertainment, offers farmers the rare opportunity to take a well-deserved break. On every episode of ‘Celebrity Farmsitters’, the host and a celebrity guest take over a different farm. Together they do everything it takes to keep the farming practices running smoothly, from mucking out the stables to growing crops, caring for the livestock to selling products. They’re taking a huge step outside their comfort zone. And as they sit by the campfire at the end of each long day, they open up and share personal stories. Will they manage to adapt to rural life? Do they have what it takes to keep the farm going and prevent disaster? And, above all, will the farmers be pleasantly surprised when they return home? 


Gepke Nederlof, MD Be-Entertainment, says: “What a pleasure to have the opportunity to bring this new Belgian gem to the world. The rural, farming background is a very rich arena, and works great as the backdrop for this celebrity ‘fish out of the water’ interview format.”