Thursday, November 24, 2022


RTL II in Germany is the first international broadcaster to commission the new fun family entertainment show ‘Finder$ Keeper$’ after its launch on VTM earlier this fall. Bavaria Entertainment will produce the show, recently launched by Be-Entertainment at MIPCOM, for a 2023 launch.

The programme debuted last September in primetime on VTM in Belgium, where a one-off episode to test the format’s search mechanism proved an instant success. After scoring impressive ratings, a full series of hour-long episodes is currently in the works to launch early 2023.

On each episode of the captivating new show, a fortunate family gets the chance to win up to 100,000 euros. The cash is hidden in their own home, where all the money they find within 30 minutes is theirs to keep. Although it sounds simple, the creativity of the team of ‘hiders’ knows no limits. They stash the cash anywhere, from within sealed bags of cereal to the inside of an unopened bottle of wine, in the kids’ game console or behind a newly-built fake wall. After 30 minutes the buzzer sounds and the family has 10 seconds to leave the house. If they don’t manage, they only get half of the money they’ve accumulated.

Says Be-Entertainment MD Gepke NederlofWe received overwhelming interest in the format after MIPCOM. The reactions were really positive and we’re currently in talks in a range of countries. It’s one of those shows that stands out for its humour and high entertainment value. Plus, it can be produced on an affordable budget.”

‘FINDER$ KEEPER$’ is based on an idea from the award-winning Belgian format collective, Send in the Clowns, and produced by PIT.