Wednesday, June 14, 2023


With a commission from ProSieben, Germany has now become the fifth country to conclude a deal for the brand-new adventure reality format “Destination X.” This places ProSieben on an impressive list that includes the BBC in the UK, NBC in the US and M6 in France, all of which are adapting the adventure reality format for their country.  Since its debut earlier this year on VTM in Belgium, ‘Destination X’ went on to sustain a massive 42% market share over its first successful season.

The game-changing format sees 10 contestants embark on a journey on board the innovative black and blinded Destination X bus. It promises to be the ultimate road trip, except these folks have absolutely no idea of where they are. To find out, they play games with one clear aim: to win clues that will hopefully bring them closer to the right location. But in this elimination game, absolutely nothing is what it seems. Inventive and well-planned deceptions are designed to mislead the contestants. It’s up to them to figure out which clues are real, and which are leading them astray. At the end of each episode, the participant who places their X on the map furthest from the actual location of the bus must leave the game and loses their shot at winning a big cash prize. The viewers at home can play along every step of the way and see the reveal of each episode’s clever clues and deceptions at the end of each episode.

Says Gepke Nederlof, Managing Director of Be-Entertainment: “We’re excited to hit the road with ProSieben on this amazing project and are thankful for their enthusiasm and belief right from the start.”

‘Destination X’ was created and produced by Geronimo, the award-winning team behind ‘The Big Job Switch’ and ‘Doctor Davy’