‘FINDER$ KEEPER$’ (local title: Wie Zoekt Die Wint) is set to launch on VTM in Belgium for a first episode this Saturday, September 3rd. Be-Entertainment will represent the exciting new entertainment format internationally.


On each episode of FINDER$ KEEPER$, a fortunate family gets the chance to win up to 100,000 euros. The cash is hidden in their own home and all the money they find within 30 minutes is theirs to keep. Simple, right? Guess again. Because the creativity of the team of ‘hiders’ knows no limits. They stash the cash anywhere, from sealed bags of cereal to the inside of an unopened bottle of wine; in the kids’ game console or behind a newly-built fake wall. And, to take the tension up a notch, each episode features a dilemma, such as a paint bomb in the bedroom worth 10,000 euros. Will a family member dare to press the button? Just how far will they go? Once the buzzer sounds the family has ten seconds to leave the house, otherwise the prize money will be halved.


Be-Entertainment MD, Gepke Nederlof: “It's not everyday that you get to introduce a format to the world that can simply be explained in only one sentence, and where everyone immediately understands the power of it. This is one of those titles and we're extremely proud and excited to share it with the world.”


‘FINDER$ KEEPER$’ is based on an idea of award winning creatives Kamiel De Bruyne and Wannes Deleu from Send in the Clowns and produced by PIT.