Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Be-Entertainment has secured the worldwide distribution rights to ‘Celebrity Farmsitters,’ the new factual entertainment format by Roses are Blue to launch on VTM in Belgium early December of this year.

In this new factual entertainment format we send farmers on a well deserved break. Who’ll take over while they’re enjoying their well-deserved holiday? None other than ‘The Celebrity Farmsitters’! On every episode, the host and a celebrity guest take over a different farm. Together they do everything it takes to keep the farming practices going, from cultivating the soil to growing crops, raising livestock to selling products. This means a big step out of the comfort zone for our celebs, as learning about farm life and food production is anything but a glamorous affair! They spend the night in the farmsitter caravan and reflect by the campfire after a day of hard work. After taking on a completely different role with both feet firmly planted in mud, the celebs open up and share personal stories. Will they be able to adapt to rural life, and do they have what it takes to keep the farm going and prevent disaster? It’s an exciting adventure, not only for the farmsitters but also for the farmers, those brave individuals leaving their homesteads in the hands of celebrity farming novices. 

Gepke Nederlof, MD Be-Entertainment, says: “Farmers all over the world have one thing in common: it’s virtually impossible for them to take a vacation and leave their farms behind. This new format offers farmers a rare opportunity to take a break from their hard work on the farm. This show offers us a warmhearted celebrity interview topped with a good dose of entertainment and we’re very proud to represent the rights internationally.” 

‘Celebrity Farmsitters’ was created and produced by Roses are Blue, the successful makers behind the escape room format ‘The Way Out’ and the uncomplicated family entertainment show ‘The Big Bang’.